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When is the Best time to install a new landscape

When is the best time to install a new landscape?ManagementServices

This is a question that I hear consistently. Truthfully, this is a complicated question with several answers. So let’s break down the planting seasons we have here in Southwest Florida.

First, let’s talk about what you are wanting to plant. Deep rooted plants such as palms, and larger perennial shrubs can be planted year round in the Naples and Ft. Myers area due to our warm sub-tropical winters. However with this being said, there are some plants and trees that should not be planted in the winter. The more delicate palms, Bismark for example, should be planted in the warmer months as they tend to shock more in the winter. As most of you know we have two seasons, the drier winter and the rainy summer. Try to remember this very important rule, plant the right plant in the right place. Do not try to plant shade loving plants in the full sun. Although they may be able to withstand the lower UV index in the winter, they may not be able to withstand the higher UV in the summer. The same goes for placing plants that need direct sunlight in the shade. For example, if you place Floratam sod in a deeply shaded area, before too long you will begin to see it start to wither and decline. That is of course, if it is able to root at all. Floratam does best in full sun. Depending on the particular plant, it may go through a brief or extended shock period. This tends to happen a little more in the winter months due to the slower uptake of nutrition and cooler soil temps. This is where a good landscape contractor knows what to include in fertilizer to help reduce the amount of establishment time for the root system. Some fertilizers will not be effective during the winter months so a good understanding of how fertilizers work is necessary to give your new plants the start they need. Smaller rooted plants such as annuals tend to do better in the cooler months. Although there are some summer annuals available here, we typically plant the majority of our annuals from October through May in southwest Florida.

All newly installed plants will need some time to become established and will benefit from a well-conditioned soil. Conditioning the soil with organic matter with help the soil retain water and help fertilizers breakdown more efficiently. Remember also due to the lesser amount of sunlight in the winter, it will take a little longer for your plants to root and start to grow.

If you will be planting in the drier season, make sure your irrigation is working properly. Irrigation will probably be one of your most critical factors during this time. A lack of proper irrigation will quickly result in the demise of your new landscape. Our sandy soil can literally dry out overnight without a high content of organic material in the ground. Schedule your irrigation to run early in the morning if possible as this will lower the possibility of fungal issues on your new plants.

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